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Wholesale sterling silver jewelry from Mexico and Bali.

Essentially Silver specialises in Mexican sterling silver jewelry together with sterling silver jewelry from Bali and related products from around the world. You have arrived at one of the largest ranges of sterling silver jewelry on the Internet. Free shipping for all orders over $100.
This web site is an on-line image sterling silver jewelry catalog of all our styles which we change on a regular basis. There are pictures of every jewelry item including blow-ups of the larger styles. Each picture is carefully taken to ensure you can see the details of each piece. We include the weight, length, size and specific comments where required.
By buying from us you are saving at least 50% off the normal retail price. Check our prices, you will be amazed. 
Due to a growing demand for Fashion Jewelry, we now have a special category for these items separately from our normal sterling silver (.925 purity).  
Most of our jewelry is sourced from Mexico with other items from Bali and Italy.
Please choose the currency that is applicable to you from the drop down menu above.  Payment can be made with Credit Cards or PayPal.

Silver MOP drop earrings Silver framed round blue topaz earring BEL508 Sterling silver tear drops (8mm) Silver dotted thong earring
Silver MOP drop earrings
Wholesale $NZ 15.32
Silver dotted thong earring
Wholesale $NZ 24.52
Hinged silver 10mm bangle Internal diameter 60mm Double unjoined wrap silver ring Opalescent teardrop earrings Antenna Ball Ring 10mm Silver CZ ring stackable ring
Double unjoined wrap silver ring
Retail $NZ 62.23
Wholesale $NZ 21.26
Savings: $NZ 40.97
Opalescent teardrop earrings
Wholesale $NZ 12.98
Antenna Ball Ring 10mm
Retail $NZ 69.95
Wholesale $NZ 23.90
Savings: $NZ 46.05
Vintage plastic rose silver drop earring Silver frond ring Gold world harmony ball Stretchy wedge mexican silver bangle Criss cross silver wire ring
Silver frond ring
wholesale $NZ 31.01
Gold world harmony ball
Wholesale $NZ 19.95
Criss cross silver wire ring
Wholesale $NZ 20.42

Top Sellers

Paua & mother of pearl sail pendant
Wholesale $NZ 27.75
Silver golf bangle
Wholesale $NZ 27.56
Silver Heart Earrings
Wholesale $NZ 14.34
Silver snake coil chain necklace
Wholesale $NZ 19.47

New Products

Silver mabe pearl saturn ring
Our Price: $NZ 33.80
Double lassoo sterling silver ring
Wholesale $NZ 21.24
Silver rectangle cubic zirconia stud earrings
wholesale $NZ 10.10
CZ encrusted centre CZ stone
wholesale $NZ 35.09
Double Loop Wrap
Wholesale $NZ 23.31