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Plain 9mm tapered sterling silver cuff
Helix silver cuff
Wholesale $US 33.97
Sterling silver plaited cuff
Wholesale $US 27.95
Wavey silver cuff Internal diameter 74mm Silver four wire oval moon cuff Burnished Wave Cuff
Burnished Wave Cuff
Wholesale $US 31.45
Double Line wire cuff Sterling silver slitted cuff Curved silver cuff 24mm
Double Line wire cuff
Wholesale $US 33.19
Sterling silver slitted cuff
Wholesale $US 71.50
Curved silver cuff 24mm
Wholesale $US 60.13
Swirly silver cuff 27mm Hammered buckle silver cuff Hammered silver cuff 35mm
Swirly silver cuff 27mm
Wholesale $US 57.85
Hammered buckle silver cuff
Wholesale $US 60.29
Hammered silver cuff 35mm
Wholesale $US 106.67
Silver Slitted 42mm  Cuff Indented silver cuff 28mm Hammered 6 bar silver cuff
Silver Slitted 42mm Cuff
Our Price: $US 67.87
Indented silver cuff 28mm
Wholesale $US 52.93
Hammered 6 bar silver cuff
Wholesale $US 89.54
Silver framed cuff 19mm Pearl tipped weaved silver cuff Sterling silver dipped front cuff
Silver framed cuff 19mm
Wholesale $US 69.40
Weaved straight 19mm sterling silver cuff Filigree silver cuff with Turquoise stone