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.925 Sterling silver gold plated knotted bangle Gold plated sterling silver knot bangle with 8mm inital tag
(choose one) .925 Sterling silver cubic zirconia bangle .925 Sterling silver CZ bangle
.925 Sterling silver white black onyx, CZ bangle .925 Sterling silver bangle Silver hook catch bangle Silver hook catch bangle
.925 Sterling silver bangle
Our Price: $NZ 21.91
Round mother of pearl silver designed pendant Stunning engraved balinese bangle 6mm, Inscription inside: I love you today...... Mexican sterling silver buckle bangle Half moon 4mm silver bangle.
Plain half moon silver bangle. 4mm
List Price: $NZ 121.04
Wholesale $NZ 37.83
Savings: $NZ 83.21
BEL508 Silver half wire bangle (flat inner) 1.5mm Plain rounded mexican silver bangle 7mm Mexican silver bangle hammered 5mm
Hammered oval sterling silver bangle .925 Sterling silver bangle - Plain round golf bangle 2mm Plain 4mm band bangle Int diameter 65mm Plain 2mm band bangle Int diameter 65mm
Hammered oval Mexican silver bangle
List Price: $NZ 168.15
Wholesale $NZ 58.84
Savings: $NZ 109.31
Beaten 2mm golf bangle Int diameter 70mm .925 Sterling silver Bangle - Hammered Square 5mm Hammered round silver bangle Hammered Oval Bangle10mm
Hammered silver flat edge 5mm bangle .925 Sterling silver bangle - Beaten 4mm Plain Mexican silver 3mm square bangle Silver golf bangle. 3mm Int dia. 70mm
Square silver bangle. 3mm
Wholesale $NZ 26.41
Silver pebbled 10mm bangle Silver bangle - Beaten Square Flat 6mm Int. dia 61mm Round 8mm beaten sterling silver bangle Silver round bangle. 8mm
Silver pebbled 10mm bangle
Wholesale $NZ 72.18
Sterling silver 10mm hollow bangle Twisted sterling silver 3mm bangle Bali 4mm  silver bangle ID 66mm Dotted middle silver 5mm bangle  ID 69mm
Ball studded silver bangle 4mm Galaxy 7 ring mexican silver bangle Lined silver 4mm bangle Silver buckle bangle 15mm
Lined silver 4mm bangle
Wholesale $NZ 47.60
Silver buckle bangle 15mm
Wholesale $NZ 144.94